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VOWLES FAMILY from Nempnett, Compton Martin, Catcott & High Ham Somerset, England.
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Harriet Annie L VOWLES was born between Oct-Dec 1876 in Nempnett, Somerset,
England. She died on Unknown.

Marriage Details
Census Details
Name     Sex Age Born Occupation
Where Born
VOWLES, James Head Married M 27 1854 Farm Labourer
Chewstoke Somerset
VOWLES, Sarah Wife Married F 37 1844
Winford Somerset
VOWLES, Harriett Daughter Single F 5 1876
Nempnett Somerset
VOWLES, Ernest Son Single M 1 1880
Winford Somerset
Address: Howegrove Farm, Nempnett-Thrubwell, Somerset
Name     Sex Age B0rn Occupation
Where Born
NAISH, Louis Head Married M 29 1862 General Laborer
Dundry Somerset
NAISH, Alice Wife Married F 24 1867
Nempnett Somerset
NAISH, Florence H Daughter   F 6 1885
Nempnett Somerset
NAISH, John H Son   M 4 1887
Winford Somerset
NAISH, Beatrice M Daughter   F 3 1888
Dundry Somerset
VOWLES, Harriet A Visitor Single F 14 1877
Nempnett Somerset
NAISH Daughter   F 1 month 1891
Winford Somerset
Address: Chapel Lane, Winford, Somerset
Name     Sex Age Born Occupation
Where Born
EDWARDS, Charles L F Head Married M 51 1850 Living On Own Means
Brislington Somerset
EDWARDS, Kate Wife Married F 45 1856
Congresbury Somerset
EDWARDS, Florence R Daughter Single F 14 1887
Wrington Somerset
EDWARDS, Kate V Daughter Single F 12 1889
Wrington Somerset
EDWARDS, Emily L Cousin Single F 28 1873 Living On Own Means
Argentine Republic (British Subject)
HOOPER, Millicent E Boarder Single F 23 1878 Governess (Private)
Bristol Gloucestershire
CRIDDLE, Lilly Servant Single F 25 1876 Cook Domestic
Axbridge Somerset
VOWLES, Harriet A L Servant Single F 24 1877 Housemaid Domestic
Winford Somerset
Address: The Court, Cheddar Street, Axbridge, Somerset

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