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VOWLES FAMILY from Nempnett, Compton Martin, Catcott & High Ham Somerset, England.
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Generation No 6
Family -Member
15. Charles Henry 'Harry' VOWLES-6 (Matilda-5, George-4, William-3, William-2, John-1) was born on 26 Jun 1887 in Shapwick, Somerset, England. He died on 02 Apr 1965 in St Stephen's Hospital, Chelsea, London. He was employed as a Farm worker.
Annie HALL daughter of John HALL and Hannah HENDY was born on 11 Jan 1885 in Tormarton, Gloucestershire, England. She died on on 09 Oct 1954 in Backwell, Somerset, England. She was employed as a Farm labourers wife.
Lily G LANE was born in 1891. She died between Jan-Mar 1968 in Chelsea, London, Middlesex, England.

Marriage Details
Charles Henry 'Harry' VOWLES and Annie HALL were married between Apr-Jun 1908 in Tormarton,
Gloucestershire, England. 
Charles Henry 'Harry' VOWLES and Lily G LANE were married between Jan-Mar 1962 in Chelsea,
Mdx, London.
Matilda VOWLES & Mr Howe 
John HALL and Hannah HENDY  
Census Details
Name     Sex Age Born Occupation
Where Born
VOWLES, George Head Married M 60 1831 Farmer
Memplett Somerset (Nempnett)
VOWLES, Ann Wife Married F 60 1831
Blagdon Somerset
VOWLES, Matilda Daughter Single F 23 1868
Compton Somerset
DANIELS, Elenor Granddaughter Single F 4 1887
Catcott Somerset
VOWLES, Henry H Grandson   M 3 1888
Moorlinch Somerset
MEARS, Benjamin Son In Law Married M 23 1868 Carpenter
Burnham Somerset
MEARS, Susannah Daughter Married F 25 1866
Compton Somerset
MEARS, Edgar Grandson   M 7 months 1891
High Ham Somerset
Address: 1, Henley Drove, Henley, High Ham, Somerset
Name     Sex Age Born Occupation
Where Born
BURDGE, William Head Married M 40 1861 Farmer
Yatton Somerset
BURDGE, Sarah E Sister Single F 20 1881
Yatton Somerset
HOWE, Charles H Servant Single M 13 1888 Work On Farm
Shopwick Somerset
Address: Plentys Farm, Kingston Seymour, Somerset
Name     Sex Age


Occupation Where Born
VOWLES, Henry Head Married M 23 1888 Contractor's Labourer Moorlinge
VOWLES, Annie Wife Married 2 years F 26 1885   Tarmarton Glos Shire
VOWLES, William H Son   M 1 1910   Kingston Seymourt Somerset
Address: Cottles Batch, Somerset
Children of CHARLES VOWLES and ANNIE HALL are:
23. i. William Henry VOWLES was born on 17 Apr 1909 in Long Ashton District, Somerset, England. He married Gladys May DAVIS between 27-31 Dec 1931 in Bristol Registration District, England. He died in Jul 1995 in Southmead, Bristol, England.
ii. Male VOWLES was born between 1911 and 1918 in Chipping Sodbury District,
Gloucestershire, England. He died between Oct-Dec 1910 in Chipping Sodbury District, Gloucestershire, England.
iii. Albert George VOWLES was born on 17 Aug 1918 in Bedminster, Bristol, England. He was employed as a handyman in between 1943 and 1947 working for Dr Blandy at Rockwell House, Henbury, Bristol. He worked at Jubilee Dairy Farm in Axbridge from 1947. In 1949 he joined Fred Callow on his strawberry farm, and then followed this by working for Charlie Shepston in the Co-op Bakery. In 1953 he became a ‘delivery man’ for Lanes in Axbridge In 1968. He became caretaker of a Primary School until he retired in 1985. He died on 09 Nov 2011 in Weston-Super-Mare Hospital, Uphill, Somerset, England.
24. iv. Christopher VOWLES was born on 26 Jul 1920 in Long Ashton District, Somerset, England. He married Iris G WOODLAND between Jul-Sep 1946 in Bristol District, England. He died on 20 Feb 1986 in Totterdown, Bristol, England.
v. Arthur Reginald VOWLES was born on 19 Apr 1923 in Sandford, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England. He married Mary TATE on 29 Jul 1948 in Spen Valley, Yorkshire. He was employed as a Hotel porter in 1940, then as a Journeyman boot repairer in 1948.He was later employed as a Lift attendant in 1970. He died in 2008 in Hartcliffe, Bristol, England. He was employed as a St Anne's Board Mills. He was in the army during the Second World War and saw active duty in Italy where he was badly wounded.
vi. Louis Stanley VOWLES was born on 31 Jan 1925 in Sandford, Weston-Super-Mare, England. He was employed as a Porter at the Grovenor Hotel in 1940. He was employed as a Porter at The Hawthorns Hotel in 1950. He became head porter at The Royal Hotel, Bristol, England in 1960. He later ran bed and breakfast accomodation in Clifton Bristol in the 1980s. He died on 22 Oct 2001 in Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, England.
25. vii. Phyllis Gwendolyn Annie VOWLES was born on 02 Jul 1927 in Sandford, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England. She married Cyril Victor John PALMER on 02 Apr 1949 in St Marys Church, Portbury, Somerset, England. She died on 12 Oct 2009 in Portishead, Somerset, England.
Living daughter

Notes & Photos
More Photos & Notes
The background for Charles Henry Vowles has until recently not been very clear. On the 1901 Census he is named as Charles H HOWE. His eldest child was named William HOWE-VOWLES in the Tormarton Parish Register. All his subsequent children were named Vowles. I can only presume that his father was Mr Howe. He received a postcard during his service in the First World War of a man and a woman. I believe this is his mother and his step father (William Cox). I sent a copy of the photo to the Imperial War Museum. They replied: "The soldier is wearing the cap and collar badge of the Royal Artillery and the 1902 Bandolier of the Royal Horse Artillery." This would place the photo after the birth of his step brothers and sisters. My first thought was that it was his own father who may have gone off to fight in the Crimea War. More recently I have come to accept it must be William Cox. Recent research has revealed his mother living in Catcott, Somerset near Bridgwater in 1881, having prviously lived in Compton Martin where she was born in 1871. Catcott is the next village to Shapwick where Charles Henry was born. The Charles Henry Howe in 1901 census, a farm labourer in Kingston Seymour, must be my Grandfather Charles Henry because he is living two doors (or farms) away from Mathilda Cox nee Vowles, his mother, and his step father William Cox, along with his step brothers and sisters. The 1881 census for Shapwick reveals there were four Howe families living there. I will see what further research can reveal. 
General Notes:
Charles was a 'tied farm worker'. Agricultural workers at the end of the 19th century were very poorly paid and had no employment rights. They lived in 'tied cottages' on the farm, but when employment was terminated they were immediately evicted from their homes. Consequently his family moved a number of times in this manner.
He worked at the following farms: A farm in Lawrence Weston '4 the Gables Lawrence Weston';
Madam Farm, Lawrence Weston 'Kings Weston Lane'; Harry Crossman's farm in Portbury followed by Alex Holder's Sheepway Farm 'Whilst working for these farmers he stayed in the same house -
Shipside Cottage also Known as Sheepway Cottage'; Russett's Farm 'Ashgrove Avenue, Abbotts
Leigh'; Mr Sheen's Farm 'Fishpond Cottage, Abbotts Leigh'. Charles was a craftsman who was very skilled at hedging and ditching. His general farm duty was working with animals. He fought in the First World War 1914-1918 and saw action at the Battle of Verdun. He lived in retirement with his daughter Phyllis until he married for a second time and moved to Chelsea, London. 
In November 1911 Annie must have been ill because her sister Sarah was looking after baby William.
Sarah wrote on a postcard to Kitty the following message: "We still have the baby here but he is going home tomorrow Saturday Annie came home last Monday. She is going to take him back..."